After writing a lot of books and so much theoretical work it was really time to go out into the real nature again doing some practical stuff. So I decided to travel with my team to Austria in order to check the Gore-Academy...

Nat, Socializer and Team Manager in one person doing the organisational stuff. She also gave Andrea (the Gore Managerin) some useful advice how to run such big events. It will allways be a pleasure for me making great events with you Nat.

Uwe is new in my team. I engaged him for the assistance work. He did a very good job. His soft skills are really brilliant and he was keeping the team together. Thanks for sharing the room with me!

Tom was guiding me as a co-driver through the alps and was responsible for the right Kauner-Approach doing all the navigation stuff. We arrived in time and without any problems. Good job Tom!

This must be Uwe. He and Thomas looked like twins in their same gore clothes

Making a break during the approach.

Still during the approach near the border to austria.

Taking the bus on monday was not really a good idea but finally we arrived

Natascha and Tom doing a kind of warm up

Joking with Nat

Preparing for ice climbing.. Last instructions from sport director Thomas

During the approach to the climbing spot

Sport director Thomas in his element

Holgi at lunch

Thomas is teaching us how to carve

Thanks to the whole  team for this wonderful event. I am  really looking forward to the next project.

The Doctor